Great Gameplay Great Rewards

BY hein / April 26, 2022

Things are officially looking up for Kroket Lego! After a rough last RLCS split with unmotivated players, planning issues and much more, this time we're unstoppable. Last sunday our best Rocket League player, hein, participated in the Juked EU Commmunity Cup, hosted by Juked. The results of this tournament are no surprise to our fans, with Kroket Lego taking the win!

Thats right, we actually won

The team consisting of hein and Kol (who isn't in Kroket Lego but we still count it as a Kroket Lego win) managed to get a clean run all the way to the finals without dropping a single game! In the finals they sadly lost a game but managed to take the 3-1 win over team Esper!

By doing this hein managed to secure half of the prize pool of the tournament, a whole $25!

The key to success

You might be wondering what has changed since last time we played, and how our results have improved so much. The two words that are the key to success are Hype and Chamber. An addition to the latest broadcast on our Twitch channel was the personalized Hype Chamber for Kroket Lego. With these fancy graphics we're literally unstoppable. It all started by searching for YouTube tutorials on how to use Unreal Engine. Our content creation team has been working hard, but they managed to become masters in game development and you, our viewers, and also our players are going to reap the benefits.

In case you haven't watched any of the RLCS broadcasts on Twitch made by Psyonix themselves, you might be unfamiliar with the Hype Chamber. There is basically this car they have in a room with the team decals and raytracing and all the fancy stuff that looks really cool. What we at Kroket Lego have done is we've reversed engineered the entire thing to put in our own logo and car sticker. The result may shock you.

Oo-wee, isn't that something huh... You can really see those rays being traced. And this decal right? Who made this and why is it so sexy mmh. Anyway this video above will play everytime we win a game, which happens a lot, trust me. So be sure to tune in to our Twitch streams.

Want to see the Hype Chamber in action?

Good news! You can on our Twitch streams. Now with the highest quality, top-notch, crème de la crème and all that. You can find them here. When you ask? THIS FRIDAY AT AROUND HALF 6 PM!!! So be there, or we will know and you will be the only one to blame for the consequences.

With that all being said, we would like to wish all the other participating teams the best of luck. And remember, participating is more important than winning (especially when you're going to lose).

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