About Kroket Lego

Established in 2017, Kroket Lego is one of the longest standing esports organizations. In these past years, Kroket Lego has won over $53 million in championships across a multitude of videogames. With unparalleled support from the world, Kroket Lego has created the world’s foremost operations center and training facilities. Kroket Lego’s player-first mentality, passion, professionalism, and innovation have led them to be recognized as a global leader in modern esports.

This is our game

We are winners.

We are strong.

We are unstoppable.

We are the future they’re afraid of.

We are the next generation.

We are fearless.

We are Kroket Lego.

And we are will never lose!


To contact us, please email us directly at one of the following emails:

GENERAL: info@kroketlego.nl
PRESS: press@kroketlego.nl
SPONSORSHIPS: sponsors@kroketlego.nl
APPAREL/RETAIL: shop@kroketlego.nl
CAREERS: careers@kroketlego.nl
SPELLETJES: spele.nl