Player Spotlight: mork

Player Spotlight: mork

BY hein / April 1, 2022

In this monthly Kroket Lego Player Spotlight™, which is exactly on time and not 1 day too late to be monthly, we take a look at one of our veteran players. Mork has been with Kroket Lego from the early beginning and is certainly not the youngest player anymore. All the more reason to dedicate this month's Kroket Lego Player Spotlight™ to the man, the myth, the legend! In this interview we ask the usual questions ofcourse, but I feel like we really got somewhere deeper in the end, you know, like we came out as better people in the end. So make sure you read till the end! Other than life-changing answers from our tall friend, we also get some crucial information about the cure for cancer. Who would have known that in this very interview with Mork, the cure for cancer got revealed? Well we certainly didn't. Honestly, this might be the best interview we, the staff at Kroket Lego, have ever made and probably the best we'll ever make. Kind of depressing to think about it like that, knowing that we peaked in the interviewing scene in this very interview. Anyhow, sorry for keeping you here for so long, I mean who actually reads these introduction thingies? Nobody right? So let's just jump into it guys!

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