Player Spotlight: isditkalles

BY krokanjer / February 12, 2022

In this player spotlight we learn all about one of the latest, but certainly not the least, additions to the Kroket Lego Rocket League team! Kalle, or isditkalles as you may know him, has been a welcome addition to the roster since he joined last year. However, due to some recent health issues he had to take a break from the grind and take some time to recover. But fear not! Kalle is back, better than ever! In this player spotlight we try to uncover more of this menace on the field, maybe we'll even learn a thing or two about what he had for breakfast?

How did you start playing Rocket League?

“Uhh... I got the Rocket League game on the PS4, uh, from Sinterklaas a couple of years ago. And I just started playing with my brother and played so... uhh... against bots. And then, uhh, a year later I picked it up again and started becoming addicted to playing ranked. And it all went downhill from there.”

Previously you played on a different team, Zero Focus. Why did you leave them in favor of Kroket Lego?

“I thought that it was the right step for my career, still I have all the love for the Zero Focus boys, I just thought that playing at, uhh, RLCS level, uhh, would suit better and I believe that I still have no regrets from the decision I have made, I think it’s the, uhh, a good choice that I’ve made.”

How do you feel your impact has been on the team now that you have been here for more than a year?

“Well, to be honest, you guys are just playing 2v2 and I’m also on the field. But when I’m playing with the-”


“I’m glad I can miss open nets under the Kroket Lego banner. And I think that I can also be an asset to the mentality to the team, because when Hein and, and, and Siebe are fighting again I just say: ‘Stop it you guys, we smell like team spirit’, and then we can play better again.“

What was the last time you scored a flip reset? And why?

“I’ve never scored a flip reset in my life actually, I have, I have scored a ceiling shot, but no flip reset. And why I did that, because I wanted, to punish, the other team, for, existing.”

If there was one player you would kick out the team (personal, not based on skill at all) who would it be, and why? (it’s personal)

[A long silence follows]

“I need to think about this for a second.”

[Another long silence follows]

“I think either Corneel because he is never online, or, or Hein.”

Do you want to elaborate?

“Nah, not really.”

What did you have lunch?

“What did I have lunch? I expected a breakfast question.”

No no no, we’re switching it up right now.

“I need to think about that for a second.”

[An even longer silence follows]

I genuinely don’t remember. I don’t remember if I even have actually had lunch, which is very unhealthy in my situation, because I still am sick, but I think I forgot to have lunch.”

Sick at Rocket League?

“Well, uhh, as you know in the latest session I played very well with the Fennec, I even was, MVP, one time. So, uhh, I think, uhh, we entered a new era, in, in the Kroket Lego team, the Kroket Lego Rocket League team, in which I am not longer physically sick, but only sick at Rocket League.”

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