Player Showcase: Deur

Player Showcase: Deur

BY hein / May 6, 2022

Just last friday, Kroket Lego participated in the first open qualifier of the RLCS Spring Split! With a brand-new lineup, veterans hein and krokanjer had to team up with rookie Deur, to win all the matches. In this interview we hope to find out what makes Deur the best Rocket League player in the world, but not only that, we also need to know what his favourite flavour of Croky™ crisps is, because we are legally obliged to. If that doesn't sound like a fun read to you, I don't know what is wrong with you!

What made you decide to join Kroket Lego as a substitute to our substitute to our substitute?

Uhh, yes ehm I uh eh hahaha uhm. I was free today, the only one, otherwise Kroket Lego was gonna lose and I single-handedly helped them to lose even more. So uh very pleased to uh have been a part of this. I would like to thank my mother, my brother, my sister, and uh thank you.”



How did you experience your first ever esports win?

“Uhm that was uh very, ehm, tense. I remember sitting there shaking, crying, pissing, and then the fortunate news came and I was very happy. And I would like to- laat maar.”

What is your favourite flavor of Croky™ crisps? This question is brought to you by Croky™! Check 'em out at Croky™.nl!

“My favourite flavour of Croky™ chips is bolognese. The green bag. It is really tasty. With the bird on it.”

Hmm those sound delicious, where can you buy the Croky™ bolognese crisps?

“In the supermarket in your neighbourhood! This concludes the section sponsored by Croky™”

hmmm ik hou van croky

What are your aspirations for your future with Kroket Lego

“I would uh, like to uh, score lot goals and also assist and also win.”

What did you have for breakfast?

“Ooh, that is a good question... Uhm, I eh, I had the uh the chocolate chippies. The uh the the coco uh, coco chippies haha. Hoe heten die dingen god. The chocolate crisps, the chocolate shells. Chocolate clamshells yes. Yes very tasty and I had that with a side of milk. But I poured the milk over it, I thought that was very, uhm, genius.”

What kind of milk?

Biologische Melkan, from the Hoogvliet.”

Full or half-full?


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