Interview With krokanjer About Being a GC

BY hein / February 9, 2022

Great news hit the Kroket Lego headquarters yesterday, as it was made public that krokanjer, proud member of Kroket Lego, achieved the rank Grand Champion in Rocket League. This places him in the top 0.7% off all players! In this interview with krokanjer we talk about his journey to Grand Champion and what this means for the next RLCS performance of Kroket Lego.

So, krokanjer, you're officially a Grand Champion. How did this happen?

“So actually, I'm actually grand champ right now, very happy about that hit me on the field, and I will carry you, you know it's actually very easy for me, so I was actually playing with hein, and he's actually quite a bit lower ranked than me, so we came across a lot of low ranked players, so it was very easy”

So you're saying you were smurfing to achieve Grand Champion?

“Well, I was actually not actually smurfing just my teammate is a lot lower ranked, so I was getting a lot of low ranked opponents.”

How will this sudden increase in rank impact your position in the team?

“Great question actually I think that maybe my teammates will be a bit intimidated by me in the field you know always hitting flip resets on the get go yeah maybe they can't keep up with me because I am so good now haha.“

What did you have for breakfast?

“Well actually this morning I was having a big bowl of cereal you know, with milk in it. First I poured in the cereal then the milk. Let me know in the comments actually what do you do first, milk or the cereal, let me know.”

What cereal did you have?

“Well, it was uhh, it was actually the uhh the brown uhh they were actually chocolate. They were the clamshells, chocolate clamshells, you know, chocolate uhh clamshells they are called. In the Dutch it's chocoladeschelpjes

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