Interview With krokanjer About Being a C2

BY hein / July 20, 2020

Tragic news hit the Kroket Lego headquarters yesterday, as it was made public that krokanjer, member of Kroket Lego, Champion 2 is in Rocket League. In this interview with krokanjer we talk about how he got here and if there is a future with Kroket Lego for him.

So, krokanjer, you're officially a Champ 2. How did this happen?

“Well, in every team there is a weak point, you know. For a while, we as a team agreed that our weak point was mork, but now we are sure it isn't him. I guess after being the highest-ranked of the team for a while I had to come down someday. I didn't anticipate it being this day, but oh well.”

I'm gonna go straight to the point here, Do you think you'll be kicked out of the team?

“Oh boy what a question. What I can say is that if it were someone else who was Champ 2 I wouldn't want to play with them professionally. But the only player who might be able to replace me is Kronovi and he kinda sucks so I guess I get to stay on Kroket Lego”

Do you even know why being a Champion 2 is bad?

“Okay so off the record, mkay, I honestly have no idea why. Do you have any idea?

Hey! I'm the one asking questions here.

“Oh sorry go ahead.”

Well those were all my questions so I want to thank you for your time and I hope you get out of Champion 2 soon.

“Thanks, you too.”

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