Lucille's Scoring Cleavage and 6 Other Top Facts About LINGO

BY hein / September 14, 2021

Praise the Lord, Lingo may be coming back on the tube. With good old Lucille Werner. At the TV fair in Cannes there is a persistent rumor that SBS6 wants to breathe new life into the illustrious word game.

7 facts about the program.


robert ten brink bij de lingo bord


...viewers only saw the very last Lingo on Thursday, October 2, 2014. The move from NPO1 (where the game drew 800,000 viewers) to NPO2 and too few young viewers killed off the game.


meisje met ballen (groen)

episodes were presented by François Boulangé (who is not called Frans Bakker at all) between 1993 and 2000. Robert ten Brink did 213 (1989-1992), Nance 1,164 (2000-2005) and Lucille Werner almost 2,000.

5 years and 1 month...

...ago, candidate Laurens became a viral hit when he spelled cumshot. He had seen it in the dictionary and had no idea what it was (hence he mispronounced it as cums-hot).


meisje met ballen (groen)


deep cleavage from Lucille was needed to give Lingo a ratings record in the 13-19 age group. The low shirt was a rock-solid requirement of Robert Jensen in 2006 to participate as a contestant.


wie dit leest is gek

...euros each, the new red and green balls cost. A company in America made them because the old ones got dirty over time and the number wore off.

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